Is Pre-Paid Legal Good?

Pre-Paid Legal – Pros and Cons

This is a common question I hear and it’s difficult to answer since “good” is a highly subjective word. As I’ve pointed out several times, there are people who swear by the service while others who claim it’s a scam. However, it should be noted that those who do back Pre-Paid Legal (claiming that it is In fact, good) are quite often either associates themselves and/or people who make money through selling leads (or some amazing “technique”) for PPL or another similar network marketing organization.

Since Pre-Paid Legal became LegalShield, the company has gone private and therefore has not been subject to the same level of SEC scrutiny they were when they were a public company. However, as of 2010, membership numbers were on the decline. Having peaked in 2007, Pre-Paid Legal membership numbers declined from 2008 to 2010.

Based on these numbers and what appears to be a growing number of complaints, it’s difficult to argue that Pre-Paid Legal is “good.” But again, the word is subjective and those who swear by PPL will take exception to the suggestion that it isn’t in fact, good.

Year – Active Pre-Paid Legal (now LegalShield) Memberships
2010 – 1,473,237
2009 – 1,547,585
2008 – 1,559,154
2007 – 1,575,802
2006 – 1,542,789
2005 – 1,451,700
2004 – 1,418,997
2003 – 1,382,306
2002 – 1,242,908

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