What about Pre-paid Legal Shield?

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Cliff notes version: This is (a Final Fantasy fansite) what MediaMoogle.com was supposed to be about all along.

Long-winded version: If you’re returning to this website and wondering why it’s no longer about Prepaid Legal Forcefield, the real question is “Why was a website called ‘MediaMoogle.com’ dedicated to educating people on PPL shield?”

And the answer is simple:

I originally bought this domain because I was a total Final Fantasy fanboy, and this was to be my FF fanboy website. However, in 2001/2002, I lost interest in the Final Fantasy series (and gaming in general), AND the Pre-Paid Legal cult had suddenly infected the small city I lived in, so I decided to dedicate this website to exposing PPL.

Fast-forward over 20 years later, and PP Legal shield no longer seems relevant enough to dedicate a website to, and the FF7 Remake has rekindled my interest in the series. Furthermore, the PPL cult doesn’t seem to exist anymore, and in terms of current events, there are far more pressing and relevant things to focus on than some MLM.

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